Qt6Ada - Ada-2020 port to QT 6 framework

Qt6Ada is the ideal platform for hybrid application development. The interaction between  two worlds is not limited to sharing data. Just like data, events can be passed both ways too. Hybrid applications have a number of attractive features. For instance, the user knows the WEB metaphor and is used to working with it. As parts of the application is deployed over the web, it can be updated without having to install anything on each user’s machine. Another benefit is the separation of style from content using style sheets. Creating hybrid applications using Qt6Ada takes this one step further – parts of your application are scripted, other parts consist of native code. The user interface can comprise of code, generated widgets, HTML or CSS. The combination of the WebEngine integration and Network lets you harness the power of native code and the flexibility of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These are the tools for building the next generation of applications.










Qt6Ada 6.7 (Qt 6.7.0 opensource expanded with modules from Qt-5.15: qtgamepad qtx11extras qtwinextras) Release 02/04/2024